Who's who in WYK Tennis

Acknowledgement - The setting up of the fund would not have been possible without the generous support of the following people

Patrons & Advisors
Fr. Deignan
Fr. Baptista
Mr. Norman So
Mr. Tang Wai Choi
Mr. Zhang Ping
Mr. Tse Chun Ming

Current Team Members, Staffs, Old Boys & Friends

Aaron Chan
Alvin Chan
Ambrose Kwan
Andrew Young
Anthony Lee
Barry Wong
Boris Lau
Brian Chan
Brian Lau
Calvin Cheung
Charles Fung
Chris Wong
Covan Ngai
Edmond Ip
Ernest Lau
Frankie Lee
Henry Leung
Horace Cheng
Jack Cho
Jeffrey Ng
Jordan Wong
Joseph Ng
Kane Chow
K.K. Cheung
K.L. Siu
Louvre Tang
Matthew Law
Nicholas Yip
Oscar Leung
Raymond Ho
Roger Yip
Sam Yeung
Simon Ho
Simon Wong
Tommy Lo
Tony Chow
Tony Ko
Tony Leung
William Lee
Wilson Lee
Mrs. Zhang
Mr. Wai Leung Wong
Mr. Kwok Keung Lee
Mr. Wing Yin Wai
Thomas Lee
Kevin Ho
Medes Ma

List of Tennis Team Captains

Year Captain's Name Remarks
2008-2009 Barry Wong  
2007-2008 Matthew Law  
2006-2007 Matthew Law  
2005-2006 Matthew Law  
2004-2005 Sam Yeung  
2003-2004 Covan Ngai  
2002-2003 Wong Shek Yu  
2001-2002 Li Ka Man  
2000-2001 ??  
1999-2000 Manfred Chow  
1998-1999 Simon Yau,Chow Man Hung  
1997-1998 Anthony Lai  
1996-1997 Chiu Lorenso  
1995-1996 Mark Yeung  
1994-1995 Alan Kan  
1993-1994 Lau Shechin,Joseph  
1992-1993 Benjamin Leung  
1991-1992 Carven Geroge Cheung  
1990-1991 Conrad Yan  
1989-1990 Medes Ma King Cheung  
1988-1989 Raymon Kwong  
1987-1988 Edwin Choy  
1986-1987 Wilson Cheung  
1985-1986 Wilson Cheung  
1984-1985 Anthony Lee  
1983-1984 Simon Ho Sze Ming  
1982-1983 Vincent Lung  
1981-1982 Joseph Ng Kee Yin  
1980-1981 Ambrose Kwan Chi Pong 10th Inter-School Champion
1979-1980 Ambrose Kwan Chi Pong 9th Inter-School Champion
1978-1979 Joseph Tse Wai Kit 8th Inter-School Champion
1977-1978 Joseph Tse Wai Kit 7th Inter-School Champion
1976-1977 Anthony Chiang Sheung Yee 6th Inter-School Champion
1975-1976 Edmond Leung Chi Kong 5th Inter-School Champion
1974-1975 Peter Chan ?? 4th Inter-School Champion
1973-1974 David Lok?? 3rd Inter-School Champion
1972-1973 ?? 2nd Inter-School Champion
1971-1972 William Lee Ka Chung 1st Inter-School Champion


Note: We have email contact to those captains who are highlighted in blue. Please let me know if you want to contact them.

Should I miss anybody or you spot any typos or you want to submit your own photo, please send email to me, Joseph Ng at jng@comp.hkbu.edu.hk